What is Lab Ready?

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"Lab Ready" is a metaphor for the skill set needed to succeed in a high school science class.  The capabilities range from thinking skills (analyzing data, conceptual understanding, asking questions) to learning management skills (following procedures, organization, note taking) to the desire to graduate from high school.  Lab Ready skills are a part of every hands-on lab experience.

The list of skills that define Lab Ready were defined by research done among local high school teachers who work with graduate RCSD students.  They were asked to describe the most important student skills for success in high school science and it resulted in the following list.

6th Grade Lab  - Erosion

6th Grade Lab - Erosion

Nine Things Students Need for Success in High School Science

  1. Ability to analyze data, read and prepare charts (bar, pie, line)
  2. Organizational skills – Managing papers, keeping a planner, finishing homework and handing it in for credit.
  3. Ability to write a lab report (Experimental Question, Hypothesis, Materials, Procedure, Data, Conclusion)
  4. Ability to read a list of procedures and follow directions.
  5. Respect of materials and the classroom environment – Use materials only as directed, raising hands instead of calling out, staying at work station.
  6. Asking curious and relevant questions
  7. Understanding of concepts (earth, life and physical sciences)
  8. Taking Cornell Notes and writing summaries at least 5 sentences with details and connections.
  9. Desire to graduate from high school