Brain Day Labs Provided by Stanford Neuroscience Grad Students

Stanford Neuroscience Graduate Students bring actual brain specimens to every 7th grade science class.  Students examine human brains,  which they can compare to brains from other mammals, birds and reptiles.  The grad students share the research they are doing to increase what we know about how brains work.  They share what they are learning with students, the importance of protecting the adolescent brain from trauma (wear a seat belt/bike helmet) and how toxic substances like drugs and alcohol can affect life long brain power. Students are usually impressed with how long the grad students have been in school to do the research they want to do, sometimes over 20 years, compared to the 7th graders who are in their 8th or 9th year. 

For more information about Brain Day labs and the Stanford grad students, go here:  "Grab your brains: Stanford students give local seventh graders a day to remember"