Ravenswood Science Initiative (RSI) is a volunteer force helping middle school science teachers host science labs. 

RSI volunteers help teachers plan, prepare, set up, present and clean up after science labs for Ravenswood Middle School students. 

Objective: Increase RCSD student science skills for success in high school science labs, leading to high school graduation.

2019-2020 Goal:  To provide each RCSD middle school student with at least 10 science lab experiences a year. This compares to middle school students in more affluent areas who  work in  science lab classrooms 100 days a year.


We are always looking for volunteers to help teachers in the classroom. You can volunteer for one class or several classes on the same day whatever works for your schedule - there are no long term commitments. When you volunteer you will get a copy of the lab plus instructions on how to find the science teacher and classroom. If you are interested in joining our volunteer pool contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Rob Hogue by clicking this link.